Blanco Cigars

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Blanco Cigars

Blanco Cigars

            In 1998, the Blanco family formed Blanco Cigars. While Blanco Cigar Company is relatively new, the Blanco family has a long-standing history in the tobacco industry. According to Blanco Cigars, their history in the tobacco industry can be traced back 80 years, to their origins in the Plasencia family. While the Plasencia family’s roots are in Pinear del Rio, they remain one of the most notorious families in the cigar industry. Presently, the Plasencia family runs its farming and manufacturing operations in Nicaragua, Esteli, Danli and Undras.

            Currently, the Blanco family operates The Blanco Cigar Company’s corporate office out of Clearwater, Florida. As a family founded on strong family values, The Blanco Cigar Company incorporates family value into every aspect of its business.

Blanco Factories

            The Blanco family and the Plasencia family manufacture Blanco cigars in the Plasencia’s farming and manufacturing facility in Esteli, Nicaragua. While the Plasencia family farm is known for its beauty, it is also known for belonging to one of the largest cigar procedures in the world. According to Plasencia Cigars, in 2015, more than 30 cigar brands, including the Blanco Cigar Company, trust the Plasencia family to produce their cigars.

Blanco Liga Exclusiva de Familia

          Released in 2012, Blanco Liga Exclusiva de Familia has emerged as one of Blanco’s most popular cigars. The Blanco Liga Exclusiva de Familia is known for being a blend that was personally created by David and Caesar Blanco. This popular cigar uses a Nicaraguan binder and filler wrapped in a Connecticut wrapper. The Blanco Liga Exclusiva de Familia is known being a medium bodied cigar with notes of oak, caramel, nuts, cream and mild spice. In contrast, the maduro wrapper is somewhat heavier, which produces a full-bodied smoke. To purchase the Blanco Liga Exclusiva de Familia click here

Blanco Nine

            The Blanco Nine is known for being one of the latest creations produced and manufactured by The Blanco Cigar Company. According to the Blanco Cigar Company, the Blanco Nine was named after eight failed attempts to create a new cigar blend. Thus, on the ninth attempt, Blanco produced one of its finest cigars to date in the Blanco Nine. Interested in trying the Blanco Cigar Company’s latest creation? Click here.


 All images and information used in this post are credit to The Blanco Cigar Company. For more information on the Blanco Cigar click here

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