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Steve's Sweet Tip of the Week: How to Light a Cigar

How to Light a Cigar

Hey what's going on everyone its your buddy Steve here with another sweet tip. Make sure to follow Frontline Cigars on Instagram, like our Facebook page and join our Frontline Cigars Facebook Group. If you have seen me on Instagram I am the one that pulls out the old school club music and dances. I have been through a lot in the last six months and was at the lowest of lows, but I wanted to do something about it. I not only got help but I wanted to make people smile in a way that nobody else does. So I started to smoke a cigar, play club music and dance on IGTV. If it makes one person smile or one hundred thats what my goal is.

Today we are going to go over lighting your cigar, which might seem easy but really it depends on how you do it or you can ultimately ruin the cigar. There are many different cigar lighters out there, for the beginner I would recommend a single flame or single torch. You can light the cigar with little effort and be precise, which is key in lighting the cigar. You want to start off by "Toasting the foot" which simply means getting it started. You want to make sure the flame is not directly on the foot but about 1/2 inch to an inch away from the foot. You want the top of the flame lighting the foot, you don't want to scorch the foot this will cause the the cigar to taste rough or harsh. You want to spin the cigar around your fingers as you light the cigar, starting with the exterior of the foot getting the wrapper and the binder lit.

Next you want to stop rotating the cigar, bring the flame around the center of the cigar in a circular motion. The cigar at this point can be placed in your mouth and start to smoke it, gently intaking the smoke and pushing it out or blowing it out of the cigar (also known as purging). Once this is done give the foot a peek to see if you lit it correctly, it should be about as even around as you can get it, with the entire foot orange. If not, clean up the spots that aren't lit and continue to smoke. Its much easier to show someone how to light a cigar rather than writing how to do it. So for you new smokers, rely on a single torch for now until you master lighting the cigar and then move on up the chain to dual flames and so on. If you guys have any questions or comments regarding lighting your cigar leave a comment and I will be happy to discuss any issues with you. As always, Stay safe and Stay Smoky!!

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