Fun Facts About Cigars

Fun Facts About Cigars

  • The word 'cigar' is the English translation of the word,  cigarro.
  • Christopher Columbus introduced tobacco to Europe. 
  • Roman Catholic missionaries helped to increase the popularity of smoking cigars by giving out tobacco seeds.
  • The first Spanish cigar company was established in Cuba.
  • Throughout history, many believed cigars had medicinal qualities. However, other individuals considered cigars evil. 
  • The first United States based cigar company was founded in 1820 under the name Connecticut Broadleaf
  • By the late early 1900's there were more than 10,000 cigar companies operating in the United States.
  • While smoking cigars during the 1800 was common, smoking cigarettes was rare. 

Cigars & Carnivals

  • Did you know cigars were once a popular prize a carnivals? Thus, the phrase close but no cigar once meant that the individual was close to the prize but failed to win the cigar.  Needless to say, back then, carnival games and prizes were not directed at children.
  • During the early 1900's when cigars were carnival prices, the price of cigars ranged from $.01-.20. If cigars were still this price in the present, after inflation, they would sell between $.28-5.71 each. 
  • While the price of cigars has continued to increase, there are more than 17 million cigar smokers in the United States.
  • Although males are more likely to enjoy traditional cigars, females are more likely to smoke flavored cigars. However, most individuals do not smoke cigars daily.

Close but no cigar!

Close but no cigarClose but no cigar!