Why Buy Cigars Online

Advantages of Buying Cigars Online

Buying cigars online has the following benefits:

  • More Options

Buying cigars online allows individuals to search different types of cigars and pricing. As a result, individuals can easily find a cigar in their price range. Furthermore, buying cigars online allows you to find expensive and cheap cigars that fit every price point. 

  • Price

Buying cigars in physical retail stores or cigar shops requires individuals to pay retail when purchasing their cigars. However, online cigar retailers do not incur the same overhead costs as cigar retailers with physical stores. As a result, you can often buy your cigars online and pay less for the same number of cigars you would usually purchase at your local cigar retailer. Furthermore, you can signup for emails and get access to exclusive cigar sales. Yet, in addition to these benefits, you it is easier to find cigars on sales

  • Convenience

Many people lead busy lifestyles. Yet, this holds especially true for first responders and military professionals. Contrasting other professions, these dedicated warriors who serve in the line of duty, often switch shifts, run late at work, and in some cases, may be deployed for months at a time. In addition it is increasingly common for first responders (police officers, firefighters, EMTS, and active and retired military professional) to have family responsibilities. Thus, buying your cigars online creates a new ease in purchasing your next smoke. Instead of going to a physical cigar retailer and paying the overhead costs of retailer, buying your cigars online from Frontline Cigars is just a click away.

Additionally, many cigars are going out of stock these days. Due to supply chain issues, finding certain cigars has become difficult for both consumers and cigar retailers. Hence, buying cigars online will enable the user to see who has their favorite cigars in stock.

  • Learn the Background About the Cigar and the Company

Contrasting physical retail stores, Frontline Cigar can tell you the origins of each of its cigars. Since our cigars are directly imported from a plantation in the Dominican Republic, we have an in-depth understand of the growing, harvesting, curing and fermentation process. While some physical cigar retailers may know tidbits about the origins of different cigars, Frontline Cigars can provide you with the answers and information about the origins of any cigar purchased from our brand.