Questions About Payment

  • What Payment Methods Do You Accept?

One of the most frequently asked questions that Frontline Cigars receives is what payment methods do you accept? As an online retailer, we accept Mastercard, Visa, Discover card and American Express.

  • Do You Accept PayPal?

We do not accept PayPal due to their strict policies against working with tobacco companies. As a cigar retailer, Frontline Cigars falls into the tobacco industry. However, banks consider this a risky industry due to the different tobacco purchasing laws around the nation. As a result, PayPal does not work with tobacco companies.

  • But Some of Your Competitors Accept PayPal?

While this may be true, they are violating PayPal’s terms of service, which could result in an immediate closure of their PayPal accounts, refunds for the customer or business, and blocked transactions (the inability to pay for your order). Additionally, the retailer is violating PayPal’s terms of service, there is no guarantee that you will receive your order.

  • What Payment Processing System Does Frontline Cigars Use?

We use, a leading e-commerce sales platform that is owned by Visa. However, contrasting other payment platforms, to use’s services, companies have to go through a lengthy underwriting process. This process includes providing underwriters with your business and personal banking statements, credit scores, licenses, refund policies, terms of service, and more.

  • Do Your Process Phone Orders?

If at any time you struggle with our payment system, you can always give us a call directly at 630-381-0987 and we can process your order directly over the phone. Additionally, you can send us an email at with your order and we can call you back at your selected time to process the order over the phone. To protect your security, we ask that email-call-back orders do not contain credit card information. Instead, simply place your name, phone number, time-zone, what you would like to order (products and quantities) and a good time to call back and one of our representatives will contact to process your order.

  • What About Fraud Protection?

We use’s triple fraud protection program. This program includes the following filters velocity filters (limiting the number of transactions allowed per hour or day to prevent fraud), IP filters (which block IP addresses that have made fraudulent transactions), transaction filters (which validate your credit card and flag suspicious activity), and shipping filters (which identify shipping-billing mismatches, use shipping address verification, and enhanced AVS to flag suspicious transactions.

So rest assured that when you make a purchase with Frontline Cigars your personal and financial information is safe.