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Punch Knuckle Buster Cigars

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Punch Knuckle Buster

            In 2020, General Cigar released a new brand of cigars called Punch Knuckle Buster. Many associated the term “Punch Knuckle Buster” with brass knuckles. In fact, Google may even show you a pair of brass knuckles when you search for Punch Knuckle Buster. One would assume that Punch Knuckle Buster Cigars are a strong cigar, known for packing a punch. Despite this assumption, General Cigar had a different idea when it named one of its newest brands Punch Knuckle Buster.

Punch Knuckle Buster an Affordable Cigar by General Cigars

            The idea for Punch Knuckle Buster centered around is price. General Cigars wanted to release a cigar that was a “hardworking blend for hardworking people.” Still, Punch Knuckle Buster’s strongest attribute is its price, not its power. According to General Cigars, “a cigar is not about money or boutique cigarmakers, it’s about removing barriers and enjoying a well-earned moment of relaxation.” Hard to disagree that good cigars can in fact be affordable. Punch Knuckle Buster’s boxes go a step further by stating, “you’ve earned every puff.” General Cigars understood the demand for affordable cigars when they released Punch Knuckle Buster cigars.

What to Expect From a Punch Knuckle Buster Cigar

            Punch Knuckle Buster is a mild-to-medium cigar sold as a toro. However, General Cigar’s idea in releasing Punch Knuckle Buster was to create an affordable cigar that represented the needs of everyday cigar smokers, or people who enjoy an affordable cigar from time to time. Punch Knuckle Buster cigars are produced by General Cigar’s factory HATSA, in Danli, Honduras.

            Punch Knuckle Buster cigars are composed of a Honduran and Nicaraguan filler, Nicaraguan binder, and finished in a Nicaraguan Habano wrapper. So, what can you expect from Punch Knuckle Buster Cigars? After lighting the Punch Knuckle Buster, you will experience notes of Earth, natural tobaccos, and mild hints of black pepper. As you progress towards the second third, Punch Knuckle Buster cigars you will experience a mild sweetness, while maintaining notes of natural tobaccos. Finally, the last third of the Punch Knuckle Buster cigar, is known for maintaining Earthy notes with natural tobacco with the continuation of the natural sweetness certain tobaccos tend to bring to cigars.

            Enjoy a Punch Knuckle Buster Cigar today. After all, General Cigars understands that you work hard for every puff of the Punch Knuckle Buster Cigar. If you love Punch Knuckle Buster, don’t forget to checkout our other affordable and budget friendly cigars including United Cigar Classics, Odyssey Cigars, C'est La Vie Cigars, Chillin Moose Cigars, De Factory Smokes, and more. Remember, a good, relaxing cigar, doesn’t always have to cost a fortune. Looking for a celebration cigar? Try Firecracker Cigars, Rock A Feller Cigars, or Yummy Bitches Cigars by Deadwood Tobacco