What is the Difference Between a Premium and Non-Premium Cigar?

Premium vs. Non-Premium Cigars

The work, craftsmanship and price are all elements that differentiate a premium cigar from a non-premium cigar. Premium cigars are made entirely by hand. In contrast, non-premium cigars are often rolled by machines in factories. While premium cigars are harvested, cured and fermented the same way as non-premium cigars, another notable difference between premium cigars is they only use tobacco. Contrasting premium cigars, non-premium cigars may be chemically treated (depending on the brand). In using chemicals to treat the cigars, non-premium cigar manufacturers can alter the color and taste of the product. Yet, in premium cigars, the color, taste and flavor profile are all achieved through the curing and fermentation process.

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Premium Cigars vs. Non Premium Cigars

In exploring the craftsmanship associated with premium cigars, each of these cigars are rolled by hand. As you have probably noticed, there is a significant price difference between ‘premium cigars and non-premium cigars. The increased cost of premium cigars is attributed to the work and effort cigar rollers put forth in hand-rolling your cigar.
​ There is also a difference in where premium cigars are sold. At Frontline Cigars, we only sell premium cigars. Rest assured that all of our cigars are hand-rolled, with the consumer in mind. Although non-premium cigars can also be enjoyable, they are primarily found in gas stations, convenience stores and occasionally in cigar lounges. 

Although many premium cigars can be expensive, there are ways to minimize the amount of money you spend on cigars. Many online retailers offer exclusive cigar sales and discounts, including cigars under $5. Furthermore, many online cigar retailers have a mailing list that allows you to subscribe and receive access to exclusive cigar sales. 

How Can I Tell the Difference Between a Premium Cigar and a Non-Premium Cigar?

Aside from price, where you purchase the cigar may be an indication whether you are buying a premium cigar or a non-premium cigar. One of the simplest ways to find out if your purchasing a premium cigar is to simply ask the origins of the cigar and whether it is hand-rolled or rolled by machines. While some cigar manufacturers and lounges may be apprehensive about sharing this information with you, Frontline Cigars provides you with the origins of your cigar from start-to-finish. In learning about the origins of your cigar, we believe that you will be able to experience the Frontline difference firsthand. Furthermore, learning the origins of how your cigar was rolled can lead to a new appreciation craftsmanship and time that went into rolling your cigar.

While some premium cigars come with a premium price-tag, not all premium cigars cost a fortune. To check out Frontline Cigars's growing selection of premium cigars, click here.