Cigar Tips for Beginners

Cigar Recommendations for Beginners

Many people are interested in learning about cigars. While cigars are a form of art, selecting the wrong cigar can ruin your entire experience. Therefore, Frontline Cigars has composed a list of recommendations for individuals wanting to smoke cigars. Checkout our large selection of cigar samplers and cigars for beginners.

  1. For your first experience, we recommend selecting a mild cigar. Cigars come in different strengths and beginning with a strong cigar could ruin your entire experience. However, starting with a mild cigar, will allow you to enjoy the flavor profile cigars offer. While you can always try full-bodied cigars or flavored cigars later, beginning with a mild cigar will help you learn the basics of cigar smoking. At Frontline Cigar, we offer a mild cigar in the form of the Blue Line Cigar.
  2. Consider what your drinking while smoking the cigar. Pairing cigars with drinks is truly an art. However, if done incorrectly, your drink could minimize the flavor and aroma of your cigar. At Frontline Cigars, we recommend pairing our cigars with coffee, water, whisky, scotch or tea. While individuals will come to develop their own preferences about cigar pairings overtime, starting with a beverage that enhances your cigar’s flavor will create the optimal cigar smoking experience for beginners.
  3. Take your time smoking the cigar. In some cases, individuals learning to smoke cigars may feel bored. This feeling of boredom leads the smoker to take puffs of the cigar too frequently. This is problematic, as smoking a cigar too cigar heats up the cigar. In heating the cigar, the cigar’s natural flavoring will be diminished. Furthermore, many new cigar smokers that take puffs too frequently will find that they experience a burnt taste in their mouth, which is a secondary and unpleasant effect of heating the cigar.
  4. Identify where cigar smoking is allowed. Many states have different laws pertaining to smoking. As a result, cigar smoking may not be allowed in certain establishments. While simply learning where you can smoke your cigar may be a challenge, there are countless cigar lounges around the country. These establishments frequently allow you to enjoy a cigar in the comfort of their establishment.
  5. Be aware that you may suffer from nicotine sickness. In cigars, nicotine sickness is often characterized by dizziness and a nauseous feeling. However, there are ways for beginners to prevent nicotine sickness. In selecting a mild cigar, many individuals will find that the level of nicotine present in the cigar is tolerable. Furthermore, beginners should stay away from full-bodied cigars, until they have gained some experience. Generally, full-bodied cigars are labeled as such. Yet, beginners can also identified a full-bodied cigar by looking at the cigar wrapper’s color. Cigars that are darker, tend to be stronger. Thus, it is better to avoid these cigars at first.
  6. Begin with a smaller cigar. Cigars come in many shapes, flavors and profiles. However, longer and wider cigars may be difficult for a first-time cigar smoker. These cigars are generally meant for the seasoned cigar smoker, who is used to the different flavor profiles and effects of the cigar. Thus, size does matter when selecting a cigar.
  7. Consider how you plan to store your cigars. Many beginners do not have a humidor available to them. However, prior to purchasing a humidor, we recommend trying cigar smoking and seeing if you enjoy it. For recommendations on how to store a cigar without a humidor, click here.