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At Frontline Cigars we pair our cigars with many different drinks. One that goes good with the Blue Line Cigar is coffee. We don't drink coffee black, a little french vanilla creamer or a different kind of sweet creamer goes great with the spice and pepper notes of the Blue Line Cigar. We have also found that water is also helpful in cleansing the pallet before trying another cigar usually waiting twenty to thirty minutes between cigars after drinking the water. One of our favorite drinks to pair with the Blue Line Cigar is Dr. Pepper. The cold sweetness of...

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Frontline Cigars carries many different cigars along with the Blue Line which represents the police. Frontline Cigars tries very hard to make each cigar affordable and in turn still donating to the charities that mean so much to the company. Over the past two months Frontline Cigars has added Southern Draw Jacob's Ladder, one of Souther Draws most flavorful cigars. It features a Pennsylvania Broadleaf wrapper and is brimming with Nicaraguan fillers with notes of cedar, spice and espresso. Also new to Frontline Cigars is the 708 Connecticut which is a mild cigar with a sweet cap, giving you a...

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The Blue Line Cigar was reviewed on 1/24/20 and posted to the Cigar Talk website for its weekly review. Thank you Cigar Talk and Jamie. To check out our latest review, click here. 

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