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Police & Cigars

Some are surprised to think of police officers smoking cigars. Yet, cigars are a common way to for police officers to bond with others and relax after a long day.

And if you're a cop? Well, then you probably have even more reason to kick back with a cigar at the end of the day.

Cigars are a long-standing tradition among law enforcement officers. Cigars symbolize commitment and strength- two attributes that police officers have in spades. As far as traditions go among police officers- cigars synonymous with the law enforcement—and it's not just because they're so delicious!

Like cigars in the military, cigar use is a staple of police subculture. Cigars are frequently used to unwind or bond with co-workers. They are also used to help law-enforcement officers relax and stay awake during extended shifts. Yet, few realize that the history of cigars among police officers dates to the 1800s. During this era, police officer would frequent tobacco shops to purchase cigars for themselves and colleagues. Officers would also give cigars as gifts- a long-standing tradition that is still represented in police subculture. Cigars are used to celebrate victories and are characterized by power and authority. It’s no wonder that many law enforcement officer enjoy a good cigar.

Some might find it odd that many police officers enjoy cigars. But it makes sense if you think about what cigars symbolize. Many people enjoy a cigar after a long days’ work, it only makes sense to think that police officers, who spend so much time together would do the same. Furthermore, some police officers enjoy cigars during their shift. After all, if you worked closely with your buddies every day, risking your life, you may want to do something fun with them too.

But there is a special place in our hearts for first responders and cigars- and it’s not because cigars taste good. Instead, as first responders, we think police officers should have a little something special to enjoy after they've put in a hard day of work keeping us safe, and what better way to do that than with a cigar? In response, we created the Blue Line Cigar, and the Defender Cigar.

While the Blue Line Cigar and the Defender Cigar were made to honor the sacrifices of first responder and the military, we also have other options for you. So, whether you're looking for something to unwind at the end of your shift, or you want to add some extra character to your wedding day (we hear cigars make great ring bearers!), we’ve got cigars for you! Checkout our selection of cigars and enjoy 10% off with code Police.

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