Questions and Answers About Cigar Cutters

Many people have questioned the importance of a cigar cutter. Frontline Cigars often receives emails asking, “do I need a cigar cutter.” While countless tools can be used to cut your cigars, Frontline Cigars highly recommends using a cutter. Most cigars lack an opening, which prevents the user from smoking them. In order to smoke the cigar, the user must create an opening to the cigar, using a cutter. However, failing to cut the cigar properly can easily ruin a good cigar by damaging the cigar’s structure. Thus, cutting a cigar, is considered an act of precision.

How Do I Select A Cigar Cutter?

At Frontline Cigars we explore many types of cutters for your cigars. Our experienced staff has smoked countless cigars and used many types of cutters and or hole punches to cut or punch their cigars. Most of the commonly used cutters that we recommend for our cigar are the V cut and the straight cut also referred to as the guillotine. The V cut gives the normal round cap an oval type cut, not removing the entire cap of the cigar but cutting the middle of the cap leaving the top and bottom of the cap still intact if you cut the cigar properly. This cut enables the smoker not as much leaf in their mouths and gives what we would call a medium draw. A medium draw is when you puff on the cigar and the smoke release is relatively light but not that of a cigar with a tight draw. A tight draw is when the cigar will release minimal smoke into the mouth or no smoke at all. V cutters are usually able to fit in your pocket, travel humidor or carrying case. While V cutters can be either inexpensive or very expensive, we recommend using a higher priced V cutter when smoking a good cigar.
A straight cut also referred to as the guillotine is a cut that takes the complete cap off the cigar, creating a larger area for the smoke to be released when a puff is taken by the smoker. A straight cut differs from a V cut in that the V cut tool does not allow the cigar to completely go through the cigar tool. A straight cut, if you are new to cigars can either be good or bad for your cigar. If you cut the cigar wrong, you can cut too much off the cigar cap and not only ruin the cigar but can run into the leaf of the cigar coming off the binder. There is an adhesive on the cap of the cigar called gomma which prevents the cigar from unraveling. If you cut the cigar too little, a quick trim and you are usually ready to light the cigar and enjoy. You always want to make sure you sharpen your straight cutter before using. A dull straight cutter with rip to tear away the cap instead of slicing right through it. Straight cutters are also easy to fit in your pocket, travel humidor or carrying case. They can be very inexpensive or can be very expensive.
A hole punch is usually the most available of the cutting tools. There is no blade that cuts across the cigars cap it is pressed into the cap and then that portion of the cap is taken with the punch tool or left inside the cap of the cigar. The advantage of a hole punch is, it is available with most cigar torch lighters, either on the side or the bottom. There are different sized hole punches to accommodate any ring gauge size. Hole punch tools are very inexpensive and are very easy to carry with you, most come with a key ring. At Frontline Cigars we only cut our cigars with the best made cutters or hole punches, we do not recommend cutting your cigar with a cheap cutter, we value our cigars and we want you to do the same.

What Happens if I Cut My Cigar Wrong?

Two things can occur when you cut your cigar wrong. If you cut the whole too small, you will be unable to draw smoke from the cigar. However, if you cut your cigar too much, you can ruin the wrapper and find your cigar unraveling while your attempting to smoke it. In order to avoid these mistakes, we recommend cutting your cigar approximately two millimeters from the cigar’s head. Furthermore, in using a cigar cutter, you will ensure the precision of the cut and maintain the integrity of your cigar.