Benefits of Buying Cigars From Frontline Cigars

  Buying your cigars online from Frontline Cigars has multiple benefits. As a cigar retailer, Frontline Cigars ensures all of our cigars are held to the highest quality standards. Our hand rolled cigars are imported directly from the Dominican Republican and then assessed by the Frontline team to ensure each cigar meets our standards. 
    In addition to our high-quality cigars, Frontline Cigars is dedicated to providing our customers access to our high-quality customer service team. The professionals at Frontline Cigar are here to help you with all of your cigar needs. We have extensive knowledge of the cigar manufacturing process and how to care for your new cigars. 
    Another benefit to buying cigars online from Frontline Cigars is the ability to give back to the heroes who serve in the line of duty (police, firefighters, EMT's, veterans and active members of the military). A portion of your purchase will be donated directly to a 501c3 organization, dedicated to helping struggling first responders and veterans.   

How Do I Buy Cigars From Frontline Cigars?

     Purchasing a cigar online from Frontline Cigars has never been easier. Simply click one of our many products or accessories and begin the checkout process. After you complete the checkout process and select your shipping method, your cigars will generally arrive within 5-10 business days (depending on the shipping method selected. However, once your order has been processed, you will receive a tracking number, allowing you to track your shipment of cigars along the way. If for any reason you have any questions or concerns about buying cigars online from Frontline Cigars or pertaining to your recent order, our customer service representatives are always here to answer any questions or concerns you may have. 
    While purchasing a cigar online from Frontline Cigars is a relatively easy process that gives back to the heroes who serve, there are somethings you should consider. Among these things include ring size and color. Ring size allows you to determine the average amount of time it will take to smoke a cigar. In contrast, color helps you determine both the flavor  profile and strength of the cigar. 

     To shop our growing selection of premium cigars click here and remember, a portion of your purchase is donated directly to a first responder, military professional or veteran in need. Show your support for these individuals by purchasing cigars from Frontline Cigars, the cigar with a purpose.