Defender and Blue Line Cigars

Defender and Blue Line Cigars

Defender and Blue Line Cigars 

Have you had a Defender Cigar, have you had a Blue Line Cigar? Both are made at Tabacalera La Familia in Esteli, Nicaragua a factory owned by long time friend of Frontline Cigars. Rafael Jaca the owner of Don Rafa Cigars and this factory make many private blends as well as our cigars. The Defender Cigar as you may not know is a Mexican San Andreas Maduro wrapper with candela at the head and the foot to represent the military. The binder and filler are both Nicaraguan and was given an 88 rating by William Cooper of Cigar Coop. Here is the review of the Defender Cigar by Cigar Coop.

Defender Cigar

The Defender Cigar was released in January of 2021 and hit the market by storm, selling out in less than a year, introducing four different vitolas Corona, Robusto Lonsdale and Toro. Since then the Defender has dropped the Lonsdale vitola and now offers only Corona, Robusto and Toro. The Defender Cigar is a medium bodied cigar and is the only cigar on the market with candela at the head and the foot. The candela gives the cigar a sweet grassy note which is not as overpowering as a half or full candela. You can taste the notes of the candela throughout the cigar with other notes being introduced. We will not go into detail as to what those notes are because you will have to try this cigar.

Blue Line Cigar 

The Blue Line Cigar first produced in the Dominican Republic was the first cigar of Frontline Cigars. The Blue Line Cigar represents the Law Enforcement community, as a Law Enforcement owned business we thought this was a fantastic idea to bring to market for all to enjoy. This has always been offered in the Robusto and Toro vitolas and still is today. The remake of the Blue Line Cigar came in late 2021 after the Defender Cigar was released and it was an immediate hit to our customers. This cigar was originally reviewed By Boston Jimmie of Stogie Press and has yet to be reviewed since the remake. The Blue Line Cigar has always been a hit with our customers even more after it was remade. The silky Ecuadorian Habano wrapper with the binder and Filler both from Nicaragua still offers that pepper and spice hit with better aged tobacco from the region of Nicaragua. The Blue Line Cigar is a mild to medium cigar that can be enjoyed by any cigar smoker whether new or a seasoned smoker. 



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