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As gas prices rise our cigars stay the same

Our cigars are NOT like gas prices

At Frontline Cigars we don't get into politics, its not our thing we are here to develop friendships and give you the best smoking experience we think you deserve. With that said, the recent spike in gas prices throughout the country leads us at Frontline Cigars to believe you might not be paying top dollar for the cigars you usually stock up on. Here at we have many cigars made by great companies that are cost friendly and are just as good if not better than most cigars over ten dollars. We don't want you to be discouraged, thats why we are your one stop shop for cigars under ten dollars. 

What are some great brands that are affordable?

There are three brand specific companies we believe in that give you a great smoking experience and are all under ten dollars. The United Cigar Group features the United Maduro, a box press toro that can compare to any high end cigar. The La Gianna made by Davidoff is well under ten dollars and the high end company that produced this cigar should speak for itself. Then we get into cigars under five dollars from United Cigars which are the classic blends and this includes the United Classic Connecticut, Cameroon and Maduro. United Cigars also offers samplers which Frontline Cigars also carries that feature not only some of these cigars but others. You can explore the United Cigar collection here.

Macanudo Too?

Have you ever heard of Odyssey Cigars? They are produced from the same company as Macanudo. If you have been smoking cigars for some time now and have not heard of Macanudo then you might be missing out on something good here. Macanudo is made by General Cigar, we feature the Macanudo Cafe Hyde Park and the Macanudo M Coffee which is one of our best sellers. Both of these cigars are under ten dollars and each produce different smoking experiences. The Cafe Hyde Park is a smooth mild smoking with notes of spice and vanilla. While the Hyde Park is more traditional, the Macanudo M Coffee is a cigar thats flavored, giving you a cigar plus coffee experience. Like the Isla del Sol this cigar give coffee lovers a great smoking experience as well as aroma. You can find these cigars here.

There are cigars under five bucks!

General Cigar also makes cigars under five dollars like United Cigars, these cigars are called Odyssey cigars and are like the United Classic series one of our best sellers. The Odyssey Connecticut, Full and Sweet are the three Odyssey Cigars we feature under five dollars. These are perfect for any new or seasoned cigar smokers are are some of the best cigars under five dollars. While the Connecticut is mild for someone that likes something like early in the morning or any time of day the Odyssey Full is more of a medium bodied cigar. Both are very affordable, very reliable and cigars that can be enjoyed by anyone who is looking for an inexpensive smoke. You can find these cigars and other cigars under five dollars here

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