Are you a subscriber?

Are you a subscriber?

Do you get our emails?

Do you receive emails from Frontline Cigars, are you a subscriber and do you enjoy getting emails from cigar companies? A lot of people subscribe to email lists for one reason and one reason only and that is to get deals. Here at Frontline Cigars we are starting something new, this is something that has been in the works for a while and we are going to release it on Friday. Wait, no date? When is it going to happen and what is it. Every Friday is Frontline Friday, so for that day there will be 15% off our cigars for a window of an hour or two. So the email might come out at noon and end at 3pm CT. If you want to get in on the sale every Friday all you have to do is go to our website in the middle of the page and subscribe to our emails.

When will the emails come out?

Every Friday when these emails come out it won't be the same cigars every week, sometimes it might be two different brands or just the Blue Line and Defender. There also might be GIVEAWAYS associated with these discounts. Here at Frontline Cigars we are about the customer and we love to see our customers get something for free, its a way for us to show you how much we appreciate your business and support. We believe that once a week is enough of a promotion for our sale. We do not want to flood your emails with spam information and we want you to save some money. 

Why you should subscribe

We can promise some nice deals this upcoming Friday and we will let you know right now the first email will contain a giveaway which will be given away on our Facebook Page. So Like and Follow us on Facebook and you could also follow us on Instagram as well. If you are not into social media that much please be sure to go to our website and subscribe to our emails. Not only do we want you to save money, but this is a great opportunity to win something free by following the directions on the emails. We want to thank you for taking the time to read this and supporting Frontline Cigars. 

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