Isla del Sol Cigar

Isla del Sol Cigar

Isla del Sol Cigar

The Isla del Sol cigar is handmade with a sugared tip, very flavorful and smooth with an aroma not like any other sweetened, flavored or infused cigar on the market. The Isla del Sol is a coffee infused cigar handmade in Nicaragua by Drew Estate infused with exotic Sumatran coffee beans. The Isla del Sol are offered in many sizes and come in two different wrappers Sumatra and Maduro. You can say the Isla del Sol is a cheaper version of the Tabak Especial also made by Drew Estate and is also coffee infused. Cheaper does not always mean bad, most cigar smokers prefer the Isla del Sol over the Tabak not only because of cost but because of overall flavor and smoking experience.

Isla del Sol flavor notes 

The Isla del Sol features a rich creamy core with notes of coffee and mocha followed by an aroma that with capture any smokers attention. The Isla del Sol is a mild to medium bodied cigar and can be enjoyed by any cigar smoker whether you like flavored or infused cigars or not. The sweetness of the Isla del Sol can be enjoyed by cigar smokers and coffee lovers who enjoy cigars. When cigar smokers think of infused, flavored or dipped cigars they think they won't enjoy it, but this is not the case with the Isla del Sol. The Isla del Sol features two different wrappers on two blends with triple Nicaraguan leaves and fillers from the Dominican Republic.

Why should you try this cigar?

The Isla del Sol is not only a great tasting cigar, inexpensive and made by one of the biggest companies in the industry but it will change your mind about flavored or infused cigars. What do you have to lose, spending under five dollars for a cigar is not a big deal if you are spending over ten dollars for a cigar. There are a lot of cigar smokers that enjoy the Isa del Sol mostly in the morning because it pairs very well with a cup of coffee. The Isla del Sol will definitely end up in your everyday rotation. Remember though the key with infused of flavored cigars is not to store them with your normal non flavored cigars because you do not want the flavors to interact with your regular cigars. If you are intrigued by this and want to check out the Isla del Sol you can find them on our site here


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