Macanudo Cigars

Many cigar smokers new to the game or even a veteran smoker knows the name Macanudo. Originating in Cuba by the brand Punch starting in 1971, one of the more popular brands still around today. The brand was acquired by General Cigar which moved to Jamaica, then to the Dominican Republic in October of 2000. Macanudo like many brands have evolved over the years, bringing us new blends and now new flavors. The Inspirado series which features five distinct colors all ranging from mild all the way up to full bodied. The Inspirado White is a combination of Indonesian, Nicaraguan and Mexican long fillers wrapped in an Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper.

The Inspirado Orange combined with Dominican, Honduran and Nicaraguan long fillers wrapped in a luxurious Honduran wrapper gives off a very rich blend. The Inspirado Black featuring a black oily Habnao Connecticut wrapper consisting of Dominican, Nicaraguan and Honduran fillers this cigar is very bold but very flavorful. The Inspirado Green has a Brazilian Arapiraca wrapper which is the only Brazilian wrapper in this collection. It features an Indonesian binder and fillers from the Dominican Republic. This medium bodied cigar is heavy on black pepper, coffee and cocoa.  Finally the Inspirado Red, featurinf an Ecuadorian wrapper, Nicaraguan binder and fillers from Honduras and NIcaragua. Flavors from this cigar include dark fruit, red pepper, cedar and some leather.

While these blends tend to be popular, Macanudo has gotten into the flavor game, producing a very rich and very tasty Macanudo M Coffee cigar. Handmade in the Dominican Republic each cigar features an Indonesian Bezuki wrapper, the binder is Phillipine Isabella tobacco and fillers from Nicaragua. This inexpensive cup of coffee cigar is an all day everyday experience. If you enjoy coffee and you are a cigar smoker this cigar is definitely one of the best on the market and will not break the bank like some other infused cigars on the market.