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United Cigars is one of the few authentic, boutique cigar brands on the market. United Cigars was founded over thirty years ago. According to United Cigars, “The brands of United Cigars are all Exclusive Cigar products that were needed and not found to be available anywhere…. So they were created.” Since this period, United Cigars has released countless cigars including the La Gianna cigar, United Classic Cigars, Fleur de la Reine Cigars, The Firecracker by United Cigars, The Irish Car Bomb Cigar, and more. 

United Cigars screens for quality. Hence, United Cigars only sells to certain retailers who are trained in their marketing tactics. As a result, United Cigars are sold at less than 100 retailers in the U.S. Frontline Cigars offers the La Gianna cigar, the Firecracker cigar, the United Cigars Maduro cigar, the Jose Dominguez Belicoso cigar, the Fleur Del La Reine cigar, the United Cigars Classic Maduro cigar, and chocolate by United Cigars.

Did you know that a lot of cigars produced by United Cigars have underlying meanings? While United Cigars is a patriotic brand, it uses clever names that often go unnoticed. Introducing the United Cigar line up and uncovered information about it unique cigar names. 

Fleur De La Reine Cigar

The Fleur De La Reine cigar by United Cigars is rich and bold offered in a 5.5x54, Flueur de la Reine flirts with a kiss of spice on each and every draw. Some may call it full flavored, but others call it just right. The Fleur de la Reine cigar is made up of a blend of Honduran and Nicaraguan filler tobaccos surrounded by a Dominican binder, Ecuadoran Sumatra is highlighted in Natural giving it a long smoky finish.

Fleur De La Reine translates from French to "the queen's flower." Interestingly, "La Reine" means queen or ruler. In a nod to nobility, the Fleur De La Reine cigar offers a premium smoking experience. Its uniquely designed cigar brand depicts a woman with a flower in her hair, which is another, often noticed nod to its name. Try the Fleur De La Reine cigar today and experience its noble legacy. 

La Gianna Cigars

The original owner of United Cigars named the “La Gianna cigar” after his daughter Gianna. Did you know that the “La Gianna” translates from Latin to the Divine Gift? What a beautiful way to pay tribute to the founder’s daughter. Yet, the La Gianna Cigar is also an amazing cigar worthy of its honorable name.

The La Gianna cigar first came to market in 1994 and has continued non-stop ever since. Totalamente Hecho a Mano in Spanish means "totally made by hand" using tobaccos from Danli, Honduras and this is where and how La Gianna  cigars were born. Danli has been a tobacco source and cigar manufacturing region since 1765, when the Spanish crown established a royal tobacco trading post. What should you expect from a La Gianna Havana Cigar? Smooth and buttery with slight salted nuts, a great morning smoke or any time of day for those that like a milder smoke. Made by Davidoff, this cigar is a must try for any cigar smoker! 

Firecracker Cigars by United Cigars

The Firecracker cigar by United Cigars is a limited release cigar. The Firecracker cigar is released annually right before 4th of July. Its release and the name "firecracker cigar," are a nod to patriotism. The Firecracker cigar debuted in 2006 and was originally made by Two Guys Cigars, which was later bought by United Cigars. 

The Firecracker cigar by United Cigars is a little different than other cigars.  The Firecracker cigar is a 3 1/2 x 50 short robusto. However, don't let the size of the Firecracker cigar fool you! Despite its small stature, the Firecracker cigar is a flavorful yet bold mix of Nicaragua, Dominican ligero and Dominican seco fillers. Wrapped in a habano wrapper, and constructed with a Dominican piloto mejorado binder, the Firecracker Cigar is a unique and well-craft cigar. 

The original short format cigar with a fuse, is the Corojo Firecracker, measuring at just 3 x 50, this stick with a closed foot packs an explosive punch. The Firecracker cigar is best known for wick style cap that invoke the image of a firecracker. The Firecracker's popularity has led a host of other brands to produce their own version of the firecracker cigar. However, the original firecracker cigar is owned and distributed by United Cigars. 

With a closed foot, the Firecracker cigar opens up immediately with peppery notes and a woody finish. As you progress through the Firecracker cigar, expect notes of brown sugar, graham crackers, and a subtle taste of nutmeg. While the firecracker cigar is not a flavored or an infused cigar, it is as American as apple pie. Regardless, the Firecracker cigar is known for being a flavor bomb and a must try cigar! However, finding the firecracker cigar may be difficult, since United Cigars only released 500 boxes of them in 2021.  Frontline Cigars currently sells the Firecracker cigar. Get this amazing cigar today and celebrate our nation's patriotic history. 

 United Cigars Maduro Cigar

The United Cigars Maduro is offered in the box press 6x52 the United Cigars who chose this flavor packed blend for their namesake. This Connecticut Broadleaf Wrapped cigar has some impressively high quality binder and fillers for the economic price. Those who smoke you United are rarely disappointed.

United Cigar Classic Maduro 

The United Classic Maduro offered in the torpedo 6x52 is a fantastic inexpensive cigar. Produced in the Dominican Republic, United Cigars Classic Maduro has a sweet and smooth flavor profile throughout the cigar. The deep brown color of the Classic Maduro is the result of a natural aging process. The aging process used by United Cigars in the Classic Maduro cigar produces a rich, smooth sweetness found on many classical cigars. Hints of pine nut and molasses underscore this fantastic value. Many people misjudge The Classic Maduro by United Cigars. Despite using a maduro wrapper, the Classic Maduro is one of the richest cigars you will ever taste! Don’t let the price fool you. The United Cigars Classic Maduro is the perfect budget friendly cigar! Enjoy the amazing taste of the United Cigars Classic Maduro today! 

United Cigar Chocolate

Want some great chocolate to go with that cigar you can’t handle? Chocolate is the best to get you off that full bodied cigar that is giving you a headache or making you shake. What better chocolate to have than United Cigars chocolate. Each bar is 3oz and I guarantee it’s big enough to last two days! 


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