About Us

As a company, Frontline Cigars believes that every cigar should have a purpose. In order to fulfill this vision, Frontline Cigars dedicates 10% of al profits to the Help the Heroes Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to those who serve. So rest assured knowing that every purchase you make from Frontline Cigars goes back to helping a first responder or military professional (active or retired) in need. For more information about the Help the Heroes Foundation, click here.

In addition to donating a portion of the proceeds to Help the Heroes Foundation, Frontline Cigars also works with additional charities and causes that help those who serve. We currently offer the ability to purchase a Cigar For a Warrior. This specific item helps show a warrior your appreciation for his or her service. Yet, in addition, when purchasing this item, $2 (per stick) will be sent to the Active Warriors Foundation to support Justin's Final Mission. For more information about these charities and how Frontline Cigars helps those who serve, see our blog.

Frontline Cigars strives to provide a wide-range of cigars available for purchase. For inquiries or suggestions about cigars you would like to see on our website, contact us directly at Admin@Frontlinecigars.com.

Frontline Cigars also works with retail stores and distributors. To receive a copy of our wholesale price list, please email us at Frontlinecigars@gmail.com with your business name, state, and business phone number, and OTP license (if applicable).