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Offered in the robusto 5x50 the M1 is a mild smoke. Cusano M1 cigars are mellow, Dominican-made primos rolled in Ecuadorian Connecticut Shade wrappers and top-grade Dominican fillers of various lengths. Modeled on one of the world's best Dominican cigars, PRENDILO (Get it)! 

The Factory Smokes Sweet offered in the Belicoso 6.5x54 an option that cigar enthusiasts with a little sweet tooth should snap up ASAP. Inside each bundle of 20 is a sweet-tipped Habano wrapper overtop Indonesian binder. The flavor is sweet without being overwhelming, offering up a mouthwatering profile of crisp tobacco, creamy coffee, and slight hints of vanilla. Top-shelf flavors, without the high price tag… what’s not to love? 


Offered in the toro 6x50 and robusto 5x50, look  up the word 'value' in the dictionary, and you just may find a bundle of Quorum pictured next to it. From the folks at J.C. Newman, these medium-bodied handmades are high quality with a low-budget price. This cigar features a dark Ecuadorian wrapper And all-Nicaraguan blend issues a satisfying profile with ample amounts of flavor and body that doesn't come close to breaking the bank. 

 Offered in the toro 6x 50 and Distributed by the Ventura Cigar Co., Cuban Rounds take their design cue from a famous Cuban brand, but a similar design is the only thing they share. Cuban Rounds Natural are a short filler blend featuring a Nicaraguan Colorado wrapper over premium Nicaraguan short-fillers. The blend is spicy and peppery and this handmade is expertly constructed using traditional Cuban methods. Give Cuban Rounds Natural a try for a tasty, affordable, everyday cigar. 

Cusano P1 Sweet Maduro is offered in the robusto 5x50. From the makers of Cusano & Cuvee cigars, Cusana are full bodied cigars handmade in the Dominican Republic. These cigars have a Cameroon wrapper and Dominican filler and are an exceptional cigar with an affordable every day price and a distinct taste.