Frontline Boutique Sampler

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The Frontline Boutique Sampler offers five very good boutique branded cigars that are hitting the market by storm. These boutique brands are special because they believe in the Frontline name and story. Two of these five cigars can only be bought at Frontline Cigars. So enjoy this sampler which comes in three different, distinct sizes. Two of these cigars are barber poles and are two of the best barber poles on the market today! 

1- Blackbird Rook robusto 5x50

2-Blue Line robusto 5x50

3-Danli Honduras The Clown toro 6x52 barber pole

4-Don Juan Calavera Conneticuit toro 6x52

5-Stogie Road Edition 54 toro 6.5x54 barber pole