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Entered Apprentice Toro 6x52. A golden Connecticut Shade wrapper with a mild to medium body blend. Producing a creamy, silky smoke with sweet notes of white pepper and hints of  cinnamon that intensify with a clean finish.

Fellow Craft Toro 6x52. A medium to full body blend with a milk chocolate Habana wrapper. Rich black pepper notes pair with the bold aroma of leather, cedar and dried fruits with an earthy finish.

Master Mason Toro 6x52. A full body blend with a velvety Maduro wrapper. Notes of sweet leather and cocoa that produce a rich flavor enhanced only by a pronounced cedar aroma that lingers on the finish.

The Shriner Toro 6x52. A medium body blend with a smooth Ecuadorian Sumatran wrapper. This unique blend of tobaccos from five different countries produces an unparalleled smoking experience with a floral bouquet, notes of cocoa and cedar with a delicate earthy finish.

Traveling Man Toro 6x52. This medium body blend is masterfully encased in a silky Sumatran wrapper from the island of Indonesia. the thick smoke is rich in aroma with a hint of spice and coffee on the palate. The Finish is soft and subtle as a creamy texture melds with notes of cocoa leather.

Veiled Prophet Lancero 7x38. Masterfully handcrafted by the finest torcedores, this sophisticated cigar, showcasing a Brazilian Arapiraca wrapper, elicits the aroma of cedar, coffee and caramel, finishing with hints of earth and pepper.

The Grand Architect Toro 6x52 

A blend of carefully selected Aged Tobacco featuring a smooth, satiny, coffee bean brown Corojo Wrapper. Medium to full body cigar with a Rustic aroma, light citrus and cinnamon spice that changes to a sweet cedar and leather notes That switches at the last third to some Vanilla, light spice and coffee.