Humismart 4g 69% RH

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The Humismart 4g 69% 2 way humidification pack designed to keep your cigars fresh while you travel, are at home or just don’t feel like using distilled water in fear of spilling. With Humismart there is no fuss, you drop it in and go.

It’s ready to use out of the plastic, all natural plant based products and most of all no corrosive salts. When the pack feels rock hard you replace it. Depending on how often you open your containers, humidors or coolers determines how long you want it to last. The new innovative method of keeping your cigars fresh without having to worry about hurting the earth. There is a reason the cost is 134, we want to recognize the number of police officers killed in 2019 (134). A portion of the profit from this item will help injured or sick first responders and military personnel.