Jose Dominguez Belicoso

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This cigar is offered in the 6.5x52 Belicoso and here is a review of the cigar.

Smoking our way through the first third reveals notes revealed a well-defined note of marshmallows with a hint of chocolate and wood. Through the nose there is a mix of black pepper, and coffee with an abundance of sugar. The flavors are hearty and the cigar is satisfying.

As we move into the second third of the cigar the sweetness begins to fade away and a note that reminds me of the charred edge of a steak begin to develop and by the halfway point it becomes the focal point as a creaminess remains in the background. Through the nose some spice and floral notes develop with a moderate finish.

The last third of the Jose Dominguez sees the dominant note transition into espresso, with a touch of leather and wood. Through the nose remains notes of spice and nuts.