Alec Bradley Sun Grown American Cigar

Steve's Budget Buy: Alec Bradley Sun Grown American

Alec Bradley Sun Grown American Cigar

The Alec Bradley Sun Grown American offered in the toro, the Nicaraguan puro utilizes the same Nicaraguan long-fillers as the American Classic, but now comes nestled inside a beautiful Nicaraguan sun-grown habano wrapper.

I picked this cigar because it is under $7 a stick and is sold on our online store.

Pre-light draw: woodsy

First third: Black pepper, woodsy good draw, not plugged at all. Good smoke output, spice on the back of the throat and a ver well balanced medium bodied cigar so far. There is an off burn, getting some cedar notes and spice but not too overwhelming. The cigar has a nice dark grey color with black and is flaky but not affecting the flavors at this point.

Alec Bradley Sun Grown American

Halfway point: Ash is holding on, still a nice grey flaky ash with an off burn. No touch ups at this point and no change in flavor or strength. Ash did fall off through the halfway point with a nice burn cone.

Final Third: Spice kicked up, still an off burn did not have to put a flame to this cigar a second time. Getting a little bitterness in the final third, still a nice grey ash that produced a nice solid ash once again but still flaky. This cigar definitely kicked up in strength at the end and is definitely a medium to full with good flavors.

Overall: For under $7 a stick this cigar did have some good flavors, burn was off but did not have to touch it up at all. The burn corrected itself in the final third and the bitterness went away. If you enjoy this review and have not tried this cigar, it's definitely one that you'll have to snag.

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