Are cigar awards improtant

Are cigar awards important?

Are cigar awards really that important? From the experience of not only a cigar smoker but a retailer it is very difficult as a small business to pay attention to awards that are presented each year for cigars. Many small businesses are not recognized and if they are, it isn't until they've been in the game for a couple years. It also depends on the factory, you may or may not win an award if your cigar is made in a factory that nobody heard of. So as a cigar smoker, I don't really pay attention to awards because of two reasons, one its not important and two its usually the bigger names or companies that win. This year for me its a little different, Frontline Cigars has been nominated for two categories at one is best retailer and the other is best cigar personality which I (Steve) have been nominated.

From a professional standpoint, as an ex police officer I received many awards. They didn't make me a better police officer, they were just extras. If you love what you do and your good at it awards are nice, but a lot of people tend to change when they receive awards. I believe awards should be given out, but for me it doesn't matter if we win or I win, what matters to me is people like you keep coming back to shop with us. Without you, Frontline Cigars would not be what it is. The three thousand followers on Instagram, the thousand likes or followers on our Facebook page. The social media aspect means something, why because its interaction with people and that's what matters most. An award is an object, it doesn't have feelings, customers do and they mean more to us than any award. I want to thank everyone for nominating us, voting for us, but just know we aren't changing because of some recognition. Stay safe, stay smoky and have a great holiday!!

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