Frontline five pack travel humidor

Are travel humidors worth buying?

Should I Buy A Travel Humidor? 

You smoke cigars, you travel or go to a lounge and might sit and stay a while and even buy some cigars to take with you. So, do you have a travel humidor? Travel humidors come in many different sizes. You have travel humidors that fit two cigars or three cigars but these are not the ones we are going to talk about. What we are talking about is the hard cases, the ones that are safe for your cigars to be in if you get the case wet or even drop it. These travel humidors start off at a capacity of five cigars usually robusto or toro are the regular sizes cigar smokers have inside their travel humidor. Corona, Lonsdale, Lancero and Torpedo are other sizes that can also fit in the travel humidor. In fact because of their ring size, the Lancero, Lonsdale and Corona might be able to have one extra cigar in the travel humidor.

Humicare Herf-A-Dor

The first travel humidor that carries is the five count Humicare Herf-A-Dor. This black colored travel humidor can fit any cigar up to 8 inches in length. You might be able to fit a few gordo 6x60 cigars in the travel humidor, but we do not sell any cigars above a 60 ring gauge. This particular travel humidor has a foam lining in the inside which can be removed if you don't prefer the humidity gettting sucked into the foam. We do not recommend taking the foam out because there is a chance you will ruin the foam or even rip it. The inside top portion of the travel humidor has a small compartment for distilled water. We don't recommend using distilled water because if you put distilled water in the compartment it has a tendency to leak and if your cigar does not have cello you don't want water getting on the wrapper. We do recommend using any type of two way humidification like Boveda, just placing it anywhere in the travel humidor is ideal. You can find this travel humidor here


Xikar Orange Camo 

The travel humidor is great for fishing, golf, travel or any other activity you plan on doing and smoking cigars. These five count travel humidors come in many colors, we carry black or orange. The other travel humidor we have is thw Orange XIkar travel humidor. It has a camo logo on the top cover, inside it has a bottle opener and a green single flame lighter. This travel humidor also comes with five Frontline Cigars, three Defender and two Blue Line, you can find this travel humidor here 

What did we learn about travel humidors?

Travel humidors are worth the money, they are affordable, reliable and keep your cigars at the right humidity if you do it properly. Cigars can usually last anywhere from three to six months if properly humidified, just like a regular humidor. So thank you for taking the time to read about travel humidors and if you don't have one and want one the links above will take you to the right place.


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