Cigar Smoking on a Budget

Best Budget Cigars

Cigar Smoking on a Budget

Like other modern luxuries, cigar smoking can be an expensive habit. Since the onset of the pandemic last March, approximately 40.9% of cigar smokers have increased the number of cigars they consume in a day. According to the National Institute of Health, the increased prevalence of cigar smoking is attributed to pandemic stress. The National Institute of Health further acknowledges that many individuals smoke cigars to alleviate their stress and unwind.

The increased prevalence of cigar smoking during the pandemic has led many individuals to question how they can continue to enjoy cigars on a budget. While smoking cigars on a budget can be challenging, Frontline Cigars has multiple options. Good cigars don't have to be expensive. We've found best cheap cigars out there, that taste good - and won't break the bank. Click here to see our growing list of budget cigars.

Buy Cigars on Sale

Another way to save money on cigars is to buy them on sale. Many companies, including Frontline Cigars offer email notifications. These notifications allow individuals to receive emails offering them speciality discounts on all or certain cigars. Additionally, checking out a cigar retailer's clearance section is a great way to smoke cigars on a budget and try new cigars without breaking the bank. Or wait for a BOGO sale. We currently have an ongoing BOGO sale, no coded needed, simply click here or see the entire collection below. 

Join a Cigar Loyalty Program

Many retailers now offer a loyalty program that enables cigar smokers to earn points from their previous purchases. These points can then be used to receive money off future purchases. Additionally, many loyalty programs allow customers to use their points to get free things. Checkout our loyalty program and save money on cigars today!

Buy Cigars in Bulk

Some retailers provide consumers discounts for purchasing cigars in bulk. For example, if you call cigar retailers, like us, looking to purchase a large quantity of cigars, customers are often given a discount. Even if the cigar you are looking for is not in stock, chances are we can find it for you and give you a discount.

Buy Budget Friendly Cigars

Many seasoned cigar smokers know that there are everyday cigars and special occasion cigars. While it would be nice to smoke a $50 cigar everyday, for many it's not practical. Although you should know when to treat your self, it is also important to know how to save money while maintaining your love of cigars. Hence, a list of our favorite budget cigars is below. All budget cigars on this list sell for under $5 per cigar. Additionally, join our loyalty program and save even more money on budget cigars today! Overtime, purchasing budget cigars with our loyalty program will allow you to save money and use your speciality discount codes to treat yourself to more expensive cigars that are absolutely free. Enjoy buying cigars on a budget today with Frontline Cigars!

Best Inexpensive Cigars

DE Factory Smokes Sweet Cigars $2.59 per cigar

Wrapper: Habano Binder: Indonesian Filler: Indonesian Strength: Medium Flavored or Infused: Infused DE Factory Smokes Sweet is another budget friendly cigar. The factory sweet offered in the robusto 5x50 is a sweet-tipped Habano wrapper overtop Indonesian binder. The flavor is sweet without being overwhelming, offering up a mouthwatering profile of crisp tobacco, creamy coffee, and slight hints of vanilla.

The Magellan Dominican Cigar $1.49 each or $39.75 for a Bundle (25 Cigars)

The Magellan Dominican cigar is a great budget cigar. The Magellan Dominican cigar is smooth to medium-bodied stick. Magellan Dominican cigars are a Dominican-made cigar that gives off creamy notes of almonds and baked bread. Featuring a Connecticut wrapper, Magellan Dominicans cigar use a solid blend of premium Dominican filler tobaccos. The Magellan Dominican cigar is an inexpensive, everyday cigar that’s great for cigar smokers on a budget.

DE Factory Smokes Sun Grown Cigars $2.99

Wrapper: Sungrown Binder: Indonesian Filler: Indonesian Strength: Mild to Medium Smokes Sun Grown is another inexpensive cigar produced by DE Factory. The Smokes Sun Grown is offered in robusto 5x50 feature an oily and rich Sun Grown wrapper leaf overtop Indonesian binder. Take a puff, you’ll find loads of natural sweetness, along with a rich syrupy flavor and hints of baking spices.

Chillin Moose Cigar $3.99

Wrapper: Connecticut Binder: Sumatra Filler: Dominican Republic & Nicargauan Strength: Mild to Medium Chillin’ Moose features a high quality long-filler filler blend of carefully selected Nicaraguan, Dominican, US Broadleaf, and Mexican San Andres tobacco leaves. On top of that, an Ecuador Sumatra binder and a Connecticut Habano Rosado wrapper complete the package. This combo aims to please, and better still, it’s a great cigar at an even better price. In a word, it’s moose-tacular! This cigar is offered in the robusto 5.5x50 and is mild in strength cigar. 

Chillin Moose Too $3.99

Wrapper: Connecticut Binder: Nicaraguan Filler: Nicargauan Strength: Medium to Full Bodied Chillin Moose Too offered in the robusto 5.5x50 is the darker counterpart to the Chillin Moose Series. Using Nicaraguan tobacco for the filler and binder to give it a fuller smoke, then finishing with the dark Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper leaving with notes of cedar, spice, and cocoa. At $3.99 per stick, the Chillin Moose Too is an amazing budget friendly cigar.

Isla Del Sol $4.78

Wrapper: Sumatra Binder: Nicaraguan Filler: Nicargauan Strength: Mild to Medium Infused or Flavored: Infused The Isla Del Sol is a coffee infused cigar produced by Drew Estate. The Isla Del Sol has a creamy core with ample notes of mocha and coffee, complemented by a luxurious aroma. The Isla del Sol cigar is like having a morning cup of coffee without actually drinking it. This cigar is offered in a robusto 5x50 and is mild in strength.

Punch Knuckle Buster $4.99

Wrapper: Habano, Nicaraguan Binder: Habano, Nicaraguan Filler: Honduran, Nicargauan Strength: Medium Punch Knuckle Buster offered in the toro 6x50 starts with Nicaraguan and Honduran long-fillers secured within a Nicaraguan binder, and draped in a beautiful Nicaraguan Habano wrapper leaf. The medium-bodied profile will be a treat to any hard-working herfer, and the smooth notes of earth, leather, cedar, and nuts.

C’est La Vie Natural Cigar $1.89 a piece or 37.85 for a bundle of 20

Offered in the robusto 5x50 the C’est La Vie Natural Cigar is a blend of Dominican and Nicaragua tobaccos topped with a Connecticut wrapper leaf. The C’est La Vie Natural Cigar offers a smooth, mellow to medium-bodied experience. Like the C’est La Vie Sweet Cigar, the C’est La Vie Natural Cigar is slightly sweetened for an extra bit of flavor. The C’est La Vie Natural Cigar is a great everyday smoke for anyone smoking cigars on a budget.

C'est La Vie Sweet Cigar- $1.89

Offered in the Robusto 5x50 the C'est La Vie sweet cigar is a blend of Dominican and Nicaraguan. The C'est La Vie sweet cigar is topped with a Connecticut wrapper leaf, giving it a smooth a mellow smoke. The C'est La Vie sweet cigar is slightly sweetened, giving it an extra bit of flavor. The C'est La Vie sweet cigar is the perfect cigar for anyone on a budget.

Factory Smokes Cigar Sampler by Drew Estate

For less than $9 you receive the ultimate budget-friendly cigar sampler by the infamous Drew Estate. Factory Smokes are a great way to save money on cigars and fill your humidor! 

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