Best Online Cigar Store

Best Online Cigar Stores

Best Online Cigar Stores

         What defines the best online cigar store? In our opinion, Frontline Cigars believes that the best online cigar stores are defined by their customer service, willingness to give back, shipping speed, and willingness to communicate with customers. At Frontline Cigars, we believe that we are one of the best cigar stores on the online. Although Frontline Cigars is relatively new, we are always available to help customers by phone or through our chat feature on our website. In addition, Frontline Cigars, is tailored towards the needs of first responders. As a result, our cigars are often priced lower than industry average. In simply stopping and comparing the price point average on Frontline Cigars to other online cigar retailers, you can see that we purposes keep our prices low. Yet, in addition to keeping our prices low, we also give 10% of all proceeds back to a 501c3 organization, dedicated to helping those who serve. Thus, in defining the best online cigar store, we believe that they should listen to their customers, keep a low price point average, and give a portion of the proceeds back to those who serve in the line of duty.

         In addition to these features, Frontline Cigars also offers lightning fast shipping. All orders placed before 5pm central time are shipped on the same day. Orders placed over the weekend are shipped on the next business day. Furthermore, Frontline Cigars uses priority shipping, meaning that your package will be delivered within 1-3 business days after placing your order. While shipping speed is important, we also believe that by offering lightning fast delivery on our cigars, the customer will be better able to preserve his or her cigars for longer periods and a more enjoyable smoke.

         Frontline Cigars also works with other charities to help those who serve. Currently, we offer the ability to purchase a cigar online, which is sent to Cigars For Warriors, a 501c3 non-profit organization that sends cigars to active duty military personnel. Cigars For Warriors believes that all individuals serving their country should have the opportunity to enjoy free cigars, as a thank you for their service.

         Another feature that we believe defines the best online cigar stores is their willingness to help others. We regularly donated to 501c3 organizations to help those in need. Interested in learning more about this feature, contact us directly at

         The final feature that defines the best online cigar stores is their selection. Frontline Cigars is constantly expanding on its selection with new products being added to our website every week. Additionally, if you are looking for a special cigar or a box of cigars that you do not see on our website, you can contact us at and we can order and stock these cigars for you. After contacting us, we will place an order, and the cigar your looking for will be listed on our page within one week. If you join our email list, you will also receive a notification as to when our new cigars come in.

         Finally, the best online cigar stores communicate with their customers. In order to stay in touch with us, simply join our mailing list and follow us on social media. We use these platforms to announce new products and send information about upcoming sales. While the frequency of our sales vary, generally, Frontline Cigars has two flash sales per month. Yet, in addition to these flash sales, Frontline Cigars also gives a discount to active and retired military and first responders. For more information about our discount, simply click the chat feature and ask what types of sales and codes we have available.

         In conjunction, Frontline Cigars believes that the best online cigar stores are characterized by their price-point strategy, willingness to communicate with consumers, product offerings, the ability offer fresh products, shipping speed, and willingness to give back. Checkout our large variety of products by clicking here, and don't forget, if your looking for something specific that is not currently available, contact us directly on our chat feature. 



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