Blue Line Cigar Review By Martin Amaya Cigar Reviews

Review of the Blue Line Cigar By Martin Amaya Cigar Reviews

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What's going on everybody it is my Tina my out we are back at it again with another cigar review today we're reviewing a cigar by Frontline Cigars where a portion of the proceeds go to sick and injured first responders. We're smoking the Blue Line stay tuned. So we are back and we are smoking a cigar by Frontline Cigars the Blue Line cigar has a Ecuadorian Habano wrapper with Dominican binder and filler it smells very woody it's got a very shiny wrapper on it hopefully it'll come out very oily shiny wrapper it smells kind of fruity like a dark fruit almost like a cherry or a licorice now not liqueur is more like cherry but very woody like a cedar wood sweet cedar. Alright let's go ahead and get this one cut up and see what this cigar is all about alright also as I mentioned a portion of the proceeds go to sick and injured first responders police officers firefighters paramedics so if you can get down with the cause and smoke cigars you can get down with me cold draw very very woody like a cedar wood on the cold draw but there was something else there it's weird it's almost as if I'm getting what's on the body the cigar the cedarwood and the sweet fruitiness through the coal draw more cedar on the cold draw though alright let's go ahead and get a little up guys.

All right so here in the first light there's a little bit of a black pepper just a little bit there's a bit of a dry cedar on the top of the tongue like toward the front half of the tongue more of the pepper on the back of the tongue and then they get a bit of a sweetness on the roof of my mouth it's got a smooth retrohale but it kind of reminds me of like a different kind of wood so all together very very woody at the very beginning it's got a fairly long finish leaves a bit of a smokiness on the palate sort of dry in the mouth out a bit I think the dry cedar kind of feels like it's drawing the mouth out. But it's pretty damn good start.So we're smoking the Blue Line by Frontline Cigars don't you guys go anywhere we'll catch up in a minute.

What's going on everybody we're back ash literally just fell down on me not on me just right as I turned the camera on we are back we were smoking the Blue Line cigar by Frontline Cigars and I got to say still very woody more of a fruitiness it's starting to come through and it does kind of remind me of like a black licorice so I get the cedar wood drying out them out just a little bit it's like a dry cedar with a sweet licorice like a black licorice to be specific there's a bit of a sweetness also kinda reminds me of like a sugarcane burgers smooth retrohale gives me a bit of a nationís. It's not outputting though so like a live like an earthy earthy ash that makes any sense and then that drive cedar would just kind of coats the entire pallet still kind of drying the mouth out but it's actually pretty good.

Alright this thing is also pretty pretty fast though it's only been about 15 minutes and this thing is burning even as I turn the camera on the Asheville and then I'm smoking the cigar and it's already right there it does have a very flaky ash like just a normal breeze coming through the ash has been flaking off so it doesn't want to hold on very long but there's nothing bad about that it just it's just a flaky ash feels as though it gets very smooth like it gets even more smoother as you smoke the cigar and then that liquorice just kind of lingers also so pretty good start we're gonna go ahead and keep smoking this down. We're gonna see what happens here in the second third don't you guys go anywhere catch up a minute alright guys we're back so we're smoking the cigar and in between takes sometimes like to go through and find some music for these YouTube videos so if you're liking the music so far hit the like button let me know down in the comments if you like it if you don't like it just let me know.

I am already at the halfway point so here at the second half of the cigar very woody there's a little bit of the bready notes coming in almost like a toasted white bread toasted white bread with the cedar notes sweet cedar that fruity note just kind of went away so the black licorice is gone still leave in my mouth just a little bit dry but it leaves you anticipating that next draw because they'll see the notes are really really good also here in the second third I do notice there's a little bit less of a smoke output so but it's not affecting the flavors still tons of flavor strength is about it's between a mild and medium so if you can think mild medium but medium flavors nowhere near full-body cigar but still really really good so if you like a nice mellow chill back cigar this is gonna be one for you so far so good we're gonna keep smoking this down we're gonna see what happens here in the final third you guys go anywhere and catch up in a minute.

What's going on everybody we're back so we are to the final third of this blue line by Frontline Cigars all right so here on the front third that black licorice came back black licorice with some white pepper the toasty white bread that I was getting in the second third is gone but still earthy and woody black licorice and white pepper the retro hell is still very smooth and it has reached about a full medium as far as strength not too much to where it's making my head really dizzy but if you turn really fast you can kind of feel it overall I think this is a really good cigar I think it'll get even better with age so check out Frontline Cigars the Blue Line cigar is what I'm smoking and that's going about wrap it up for this review don't you guys forget to smash the like button it really does help the channel subscribe and ring that Bell so that we know every time that I upload a new video catch you guys on the next one.

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