United Cigars Classic Maduro Review

Steve's Budget Buy: United Cigars Classic Maduro

United Cigars Classic Maduro

Whats up guys this is Steve doing another Budget Buy review, this time we are reviewing the United Classic Maduro, a torpedo 6x52.

Pre light draw, v cut used I got some cherry notes as well as woodsy.

First third- Great smoke output, cherry flavor almost like a dark cherry not a sweet cherry with some woodsy notes that are heavy. Off burn, starting to canoe needed one burn touch up. Flavor really has not changed, very enjoyable at this price point.

Halfway point-No drastic change in flavor, still getting a heavy woodsy note with a hint of cherry.

Final third-Needed another burn touch up, flaky as, same flavors as in the beginning, cigar began to get spongy.

Overview- For under three dollars a stick this is definitely worth a shot for the price, total smoke time 50 minutes.

Below is the link to the cigar


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