Should I smoke this?

Checkout the Blue Line Cigar Review on Should I Smoke This?

Should I Smoke This?

Blue Line Cigar Review

I'm insomniac should I smoke this barnyard and mint chocolate after it chocolate-covered mints pre-light draws on a tight side a very faint mix of hay and freshman getting cigar good smoke output creamy oak leather earth hay and a little bit of black pepper was a medium black pepper and a smooth nut me and the rectohale and of the first third one burn touch up - a creamy mix oak leather earth hay and a tiny bit of cookie dough with a smooth mix of white pepper and cinnamon on the retrohale giving one more small burn touch up leathery okay leather and a little bit of cocoa with a little bit of cinnamon plus white and red peppers on the retrohale so should you smoke this if you like the flavors I outlined and you're looking for a smooth consistent smoke that isn't too strong I'd say give it a shot yes



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