Chillin Moose Too

Chillin Moose Too Cigar Review

Chillin Moose Too Review

Whats up guys this is Steve with a review on cigars that won't break the bank and have lots of good flavors. Today we will be focusing on the Chillin Moose Too robusto by Foundry Cigars. This cigar has a Connecticut brodleaf wrapper and the binger and filler are NIcaraguan. So if you like the Chillin Moose, check this out!!

Chillin Moose Too Smoking Experience 

Pre light draw: Woodsy, very loose draw with black pepper and leather

First Third: Good smoke output, very leathery, woodsy/earthy, black pepper with a solid ash and a wavy burn (not too bad). The leather notes have clamed down drastically and its a very smooth cigar with a hint of leather, spice, black pepper and cedar. Ash is starting to get a little flaky but holding its own. Starting to get some nuttiness to the cigar which is adding a good taste to the other notes.

Chillin Moose Too Flavor Notes

Halfway point: Ash is still holding on, draw is still solid and so is the smoke output. flavors have not changed to this point. Still the ash is flaky with a slight off burn but nothing too bad to use a flame to touch up. Ash is starting to bend, soo this might be it falling off soon lets hope not!! Leather has kicked up a bit, still those same notes as before nothing else has arrived.

Final third: Ash finally took a dive, solid burn cone with those same leathery, peppery, nutty and earthy tones. Leather still remains strong, hitting the back of my tongue and throat but I like that flavor in a cigar (personal preference). Smoke output and draw is still the same, very good, nothing really to complain about at this point. The cigar is starting to get a little spongy which could mean its under filled, but no heat transfer to the touch which is a plus. I am drinking a Dr. Pepper with the cigar which is a favorite of mine and compliments the cigar very well. Ash is still flaky, the end of the ash is starting to branch out(separate), walked away for 6 minutes and unfortunately the cigar needed a re-light. Flavors have not changed, still a solid draw and smoke output. Because I had to re-light, the burn is significantly off which could be my fault(very possible). The burn has corrected itself but not drastic enough to where its perfect! The cigar has become warm to the touch, I am down to almost the nub which is common when your fingers start getting close to a lit foot! Still ery good flavors, no shift, no bitterness towards the end.

In closing I would definitely check this cigar out on our site, for $3.99 this has become a regular visitor to my personal humidor and I can bet after trying one of these it will become one in yours. Thank you for taking the time to read my take on the Chillin Moose Too offered at Frontline Cigars.



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