Herf a dor five count portable humidor

Cigar Storage & Humidors

  Smoking a cigar can be a rewarding and relaxing experience. However, many people struggle with cigar preservation and storage. While purchasing large quantities of cigars is often less expensive, novice cigar smokers will find that failing to properly store and preserve their cigars leads to an uneven burn, dampness, added scents (often picked up from the environment), or even worse, a stale cigar. So what are the optimal conditions to store and preserve your cigars? At Frontline, we recommend investing in a humidor. A humidor is often a small wooden box that allows the user to adjust the temperature and humidity of their cigars. Since cigars are grown and harvested in tropical areas, they rely on the naturally occurring humidity in these regions to finish the aging process. Yet, not everyone is fortunate enough to live in a climate that produces optimal conditions to store their cigars. As a result, a humidor is a necessary purchase to ensure cigars reach the optimal aging process.
    While purchasing a humidor is a critical element in cigar preservation and storage, it is also important to ensure that your humidor is set at the optimal temperature and humidity levels to keep your cigars fresh. At Frontline Cigars, we recommend your humidor be set at a temperature of 70 degrees. We further recommend that the humidity levels remain between 70-73% in order to maintain the integrity of our cigars. However, at Frontline Cigars, we further recommend not aging your cigars on your own for an extended period. Although humidors can help prolong the shelf life of cigars and ensure optimal levels of taste, freshness and an even burn, aging cigars for extended period is best left to the pros. Questions about purchasing a humidor? Leave a comment below or use the contact form at the bottom of Frontline Cigar’s website to contact us directly. To see our current offerings of humidors or to order/request an unlisted product, click here

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