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Steve's Sweet Tip of the Week: Torch Lighters

Torch Lighters

Hello everyone this is Steve from Frontline Cigars with another helpful tip for you cigar smokers. This week we are going to cover torch lighters. There are many to choose from, single, double, triple, quad and five jets which to me is a waste of fuel. Frontline Cigars offers dual and quad flame torches at reasonable prices. For the beginner I would recommend starting off with a single or dual flame. Lighting your cigar is crucial starting out, you don't want to scorch the cigar it may result in an uneven burn and a bad taste.

For you more experienced smokers, most of us still use the single and dual flames to touch up the cigar which is perfectly fine. The triple and quad offer you more fire power and can come with some cool gadgets such s a cigar rest or a hole punch. Here at Frontline Cigars we want you as the consumer to ask us any questions you may have about our products. We are usually available after business hours if you need us at a reasonable time. I hope this tip helped you this week and as always stay safe and stay smoky.

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