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Buying an Ashtray

Do you struggle buying ashtrays or do you just buy any ashtray because it looks cool or it has a certain brand name on it? Ever thought of getting an ashtray with your name on it or a logo that you want? Here at we make custom ashtrays and we do it in house. What this means is we laser engrave each ashtray to your specifications, your design and even your words or name. We simply take a black ceramic 8.5x8 ashtray and make it into a personal masterpiece for you or that cigar smoker in your life. The best part is we charge one flat fee for the engraving. Most places when you get something engraved like for instance an ashtray they charge per line. So on a normal custom job to get the ashtray done in the photo we provided just the engraving would cost you around forty dollars. So you are paying for th ashtray and the engraving which comes out to be more than the ashtray without engraving.

Cost of a Custom Ashtray

We guarantee the cost of engraving is very affordable, the work that Jack does is very good and he stands by it100%. So if you are in the market for a custom ashtray that won't break the bank check out the custom ashtray section of our website here. If you want something specific give us a call 630-381-0987 or email us at The price that you see on the website is the ahstray and all work included minus tax and shipping. We promise you these ahstrays are perfect for any man cave, personal cigar lounge or gift for that cigar smoker in your life. So check out our custom ashtray and see if that is something you might want. There are different ashtrays out there on the market that are nice, we only engrave ceramic because the work not only stands out but it will not ruin the ashtray or burn the ashtray. We use ceramic ashtrays because its easier to do and the engraving stands out leaving you with a very nice looking custom ashtray.

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