Cutting a Torpedo Cigar

Torpedo cigars

Torpedo or figurado cigars are those cigars with a pointed cap. Often times people like to cut them different, straight cut, hole punch or v cut. Yes that's right v cut on a torpedo, the preferred method by me and most people I know. Cutting the torpedo with a v cut not only gives you a deeper cut in the cigar it also hinders from getting the remains of the cap or in this case the pointed ends of tobacco or leaf all in your mouth.

Best Way to Cut a Torpedo Cigar

I have been using a v cut on torpedo's for quite a while and I can tell you the outcome is far better than any other cut on this particular cigar. The draw is the same if not better than a straight cut giving you a top notch draw and a lot less tobacco or leaf remains in your mouth. You can cut it straight on with the v cut or on an angle to get a different draw and or taste of the cigar. If you have any cigar related questions including how to cut or light your cigar don't hesitate to ask us. We are here not only to help our consumers find a good cigar but we also like helping the newcomers to this great smoking family.

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