Defender Cigar Review

Defender Cigar Review Overview 12/20/21

The Defender Cigar from Frontline Cigars recently received an 88 rating from a popular name in the cigar industry. Now a lot of people might question the 88, but in all honesty if you look at how cigars are reviewed according to Holt's Cigars the scale reads as follows. On a 100 point scale 95-100 is Classic, 90-94 is Outstanding, 80-89 is Very Good to Excellent, 70-79 is Average to good Commercial Quality and 0-69 Don't waste your money. There are other reviewers out there that rate on a different scale but that is ok, the 91 rating the Defender Cigar received from Stogie Press was along the same line as the 88 with a few differences but not much.

Lets talk about this latest 88 rating of the Defender Cigar and what they had to say about the Defender Cigar. The Defender Cigar started off with sweet citrus and grass, the grass coming off the candela which is very common. The black coffee, chocolate and pepper is very common with a Mexican San Andreas Maduro wrapper with these types of fillers. The Defender burn was jagged, could have been the way the cigar was initially lit or could be the performance of the cigar. We are not discrediting anything they stated, but these are common issues with a hand rolled product. The touch ups to the Defender Cigar, its not uncommon to touch a cigar with a flame more than once, but as a cigar smoker it can decrease the performance or flavor profiles. There are ways if the cigar is burnning slower on one particular side to move it to your bottom lip. Your bottom lip pulls or draws the majority of the cigar, so if you have a slower burn you don't want to take a flame to it unless its canoeing an inch up and you have no other option but to discard it.

Final Thoughts of the Defender Cigar, it delivered a solid smoking experience. At just under $8 the Defender Cigar was a nice value point to them. For the reveiwer, The Defender Cigar would be a cigar he would buy and smoke again, coming from him that is a big plus for us. Overall the Defender Cigar had a very good burn, the draw was very good, it was medium to full bodied and the finish was very good. So overall we are very pleased with this review and if you have not tried the Defender Cigar we suggest you take a look at our website as they are offered in four vitolas (sizes) corona, robusto, toro and lonsdale. Here is the link to the Defender Cigar.

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