Frontline Cigars and Tabacalera La Familia

Frontline Cigars and Tabacalera La Familia

Frontline Cigars released its Blue Line Cigar in 2019 out of a small factory in the Domnican Republic. The Blue Line Cigar gained a lot of attraction by the law enforcement community and supporters of Frontline Cigars. It wasn't until late in 2020 when our friend and owner of Don Rafa Cigars Rafael Jaca bought a factory in Esteli, Nicaragua called Tabacalera La Familia at which time we switched our focus to that factory. First we decided to keep the Blue Line Cigar with the Dominican factory until we were ready to change the origin to Nicaragua. We came out with the Defender Cigar in early 2021 produced in Esteli, Nicaragua at Tabacalera La Familia. The inital response of the Defender Cigar from customers was outstanding. We received a 91 rating from Stogie Press and started to sell more and more of the Defender Cigar which is still offered in four vitolas (sizes), corona, robusto, toro and lonsdale. We also recently recieved an 88 rating of the Defender Cigar from Cigar Coop which was outstanding. Thank you to Jimmie and Coop for taking the time to review our cigars. You can purchase the Defender Cigar and read some blogs about the cigar simply by clicking this link

We were so happy with the outcome of the Defender Cigar that it was time to work on the remake of Blue Line Cigar. We wanted the cigar to have similar tasting notes but offering a more premium cigar look and experience. The release of the new Blue Line Cigar came in the summer of 2021 and was an immediate success. We produced two vitolas like the Dominican Blue Line Cigar in robusto and toro. The Blue Line Cigar was a surprise to all because of the new look, blend and overall smoking experience. Although the Blue Line Cigar has not been reviewed since moving to the new factory we do anticipate putting it in the right hands to make that possible. The new look of the Blue Line and Defender Cigar bands are because of Jack Bridson of Frontline Cigars. He wanted to make the front of the band resemble our logo with the different colors of each line represented around the shield in front and on the back with the name of the cigar with Frontline Cigars present as well. If you have not tried the new Blue Line Cigar made in Esteli, Nicaragua you can find blogs, reviews and the cigar to purchase here

We want to thank Rafael Jaca for his friendship and business knowledge, this is what makes great relationships between the factory and the customer or brand. We would also like to that the marketing and private blend sales person Mx Benites for also being a loyal friend to us. It just goes to show no matter how small the factory a cigar can be well made and in our case very popular with our followers and customers. We want to that everyone for the continued support of the Blue Line and Defender Cigar and also thank you for supporting Frontline Cigars. Dont forget to like us on Facebook, jointhe Frontline Cigars Facebook group and follow us on Instagram. Have a Happy Holiday and as always, Stay safe and stay smokey!!

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