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On August 31st, 2019, Frontline Cigars became an official donation center for Cigars For Warriors. As a non-profit organization, Cigars For Warriors sends cigars to soldier stationed abroad. According to their website, "Cigars For Warriors mission is to provide premium cigars and accessories to US Troops serving in active combat zones." As a donation center, Frontline Cigars accepts all unused and unwanted cigars and sends them to Cigars For Warriors. While there are no requirements on the type of cigars accepted for Cigars For Warriors, we ask that all cigars be in good condition*. Remember, many soldiers consider cigars a luxury as they may not be accessible where they are stationed. 

In addition to being a donation for Cigars for Warriors, you can also purchase a cigar to send to Cigars For Warriors directly through our website. Since August 31st, Frontline Cigars has sent more than 100 cigars to Cigars For Warriors. We thank our returned customers and those willing to purchase a cigar for the individuals fighting for our nation. 

To learn how to send us your unwanted cigars for Cigars For Warriors, contact us at As a thank you for your donation, you will receive an emailed coupon code for 10% off your next order from Frontline Cigars. To ensure that you receive your email, simply list your email address and name in with the donation. Once we receive the donation, your coupon code will be sent directly to the email address listed on the package. 

*We do not accept cigars that are broken, cracked, damaged, dried out or have other forms of damages. If you would not smoke the cigar yourself due to the cigar's condition, please do not send the cigars as a donation for Cigars For Warriors. 

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