Frontline Cigars Donates to Justin's Final Mission

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Frontline Cigars Donates to Justin's Final Mission

            Frontline Cigars recently made a donation to a fundraiser to support Justin’s Final Mission. Justin’s Final Mission is sponsored by the Active Heroes Foundation. According to the Active Heroes Foundation, “22 Veterans a day commit suicide. US Army Retired Justin Fitch was almost one of those statistics. He sought help and found it at the Active Heroes Retreat Center.” While Justin recovered from PTSD, he remained passionate about the cause. Unfortunately, Justin was diagnosed with stage 4 terminate cancer. Instead of giving up on life, Justin turned his purpose towards helping veterans receive the help they needed. Although Justin lost his battle with terminal cancer, his memory lives on through his final mission. In creating a place where veterans and their families can go and live rent free, Justin’s Final Mission and the Active Heroes Foundation is helping those who serve recover physically and emotionally. For more information about Justin’s Final Mission and how to donate, click here. To see Frontline Cigar’s recent donation to the fundraiser for Justin's Final Mission click the links below.







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