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Frontline Cigars Welcomes Don Rafa Premium Cigars & New Flavored Sweets

            Don Rafa is known for his extensive line of sweets. While Don Rafa Cigars began as a Chicago brand, the company has quickly grown to serve more than 38 states. For those who are unfamiliar with Don Rafa, the company is “one of the world's premier luxury cigars brands. Handcrafted in the Dominican Republic and Nicaragua. Don Rafa Cigars are made to the highest quality standards using only the supreme, most exceptional, aged tobaccos. Every detail, from meticulous wrapper selection to the complex processes of aging and blending, receives the utmost accommodation in the manufacture of each cigar.”

            Don Rafa currently offers sweet cigars in cherry, black cherry, cherry cognac, cognac, mint, chocolate mint, honey berry, peach cobbler, and the infamous blue berry cognac.. However, within the past two weeks, Don Rafa released new flavors to the market. Among these new flavored cigars include: watermelon, vanilla cognac, blueberry cognac,  apple martini, grape cognac and coconut rum. In addition to offering Don Rafa’s flavored cigars (sold under Don Rafa Sweets), Frontline Cigars is now selling Don Rafa’s premium cigars. The Don Rafa premium cigar is sold in both Habano and Maduro. Both torpedo cigars are known throughout the Chicagoland area for their smooth, yet flavorful profile and their even burn. Purchase a Don Rafa Sweet Cigar or Don Rafa Premium Cigar from Frontline Cigars and enjoy a Chicagoland favorite today!  

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hello, do you sell don rafa wild hog maduro 5×70 cigars? thank you jack r sayers.

jack r sayers

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