Frontline Sweet Sampler

Frontline Sweet Sampler

Are you new to cigars and want to try something with a sweet flavor? Maybe you know someone else that smokes cigars and they referred you to trying sweet cigars. Frontline Cigars now offers the Frontline Sweet Sampler. The Frontline Sweet Sampler consists of five premium cigars, from different companies in three different sizes. Each cigar has either a sweet tip, part of the cigar is infused or falvored or the cigar is completely infused or flavored. The first Cigar in the Frontline Sweet Sampler is the Odyssey Sweet Tip, a robusto from the makers of the Macnudo cigar brings you a very inexpensive cigar with a sweet taste almost like candy but not overpowering,

The second cigar in the Frontline Sweet Sampler is the C'est La Vie robusto, which is sweet but not as sweet as the others. This cigar has a very subtle sweetness to it, its noticable but not in your face sweet. The third cigar in the Frontline Sweet Sampler is the Drew Estate Factory Smoke Sweet, a robusto that is a little more sweet than the first two and probably the second most sweet out of the five. The fourth cigar in the Frontline Sweet Sampler is the Baccarat toro, this cigar has been around for many years and has a sweet tip thats noticable but not like the others. If compared it would be just a bit sweeter than the C'est La Vie Sweet cigar.

Finally the fifth cigar in this Frontline Sweet Sampler is the Macanudo M Coffee Lonsdale. This cigar is probably the most flavorful of the five and taste like a great cup of coffee with cream and sugar. Macanudo has stepped up to the flavor game with this very magnificent cigar. The Macanudo M Coffee is a very popular cigar and could be ranked up there with the Isla del Sol which we also have on our site for purchase. So if you are new to smoking and want to try your pallette at some sweet cigars here is the link to purchase the Frontline Sweet Sampler

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