Holiday gift ideas frontline cigars

Holiday gift ideas from Frontline Cigars

Holiday gift ideas from Frontline Cigars

Does your significant other, dad, father in law or close friend smoke cigars and you have no idea what to get them? Don't you hate when that happens, you go into a cigar lounge and have no idea what to buy them plus the prices could be astronomical. Look no further than, we are here to help you with your holiday smoking ideas. We have many sampler packs on our site that would confuse the non smoker, but believe us there is something for everyone. Click the link here to check out our cigar samplers, they make the perfect stocking stuffer.

Lets just say you have no idea what your holiday smoker likes, well you can call Frontline Cigars and we'd be delighted to spend the time to get you exactly what you need, maybe a cigar shirt, hoodie or some other type of cigar swag.

Believe us, there are many things to buy that cigar smoker in your life, but it not only becomes difficult but its stressful because you want to get the right gift. Well we are here for you, check out the links we provided for help and dont forget cigar accessories are always a great gift including ashtrays and our new favorite The Inner Circle Lighter. This lighter is like a Swiss Army knife, it has a single torch, hole punch, cigar rest and a cigar poker for those hard to draw cigars. The Inner Circle also has an ashtray which is a personal ashtray made from 100% crystal.

Most important, don't forget the number one cigar idea for that cigar smoker should always be a Blue Line or Defender cigar. If you need additional help you can always contact us at 630-381-0987 or email Have a wonderful holiday and remember stay safe and stay smokey.

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