Humidor care

Humidor Care 101


-Most important always use distilled water inside your humidor.
-To keep the humidity constant always have distilled water inside your humidor.
-If for some reason the humidity drops inside your humidor because of change in weather outside either add more water or move the humidor to a place in the house that's around 65-70 degrees.
-Always keep a fair amount of cigars inside the humidor at all times, if you don't the humidity levels will not remain constant.
-Do not store any FLAVORED cigars with regular cigars. No Acid cigars or anything that has a strong odor coming from the cigar.
-Do not allow the humidor to reach above 75% and below 65% humidity. The temperature should not be under 67 degrees. An ideal hygrometer will read 68-68 or slightly above.
-Every winter you should re-season your humidor. You can simply take the cigars out place them in a large ziploc bag and leave distilled water in a cup in the humidor until it reaches 80%. Once the humidor reaches 80% you can place the cigars back in the humidor. It is not recommended to do the wipe down method if you have not done it before.
-Before seasoning or re-seasoning your humidor place the cigars inside a ziploc bag or tupperware air sealed container.
-If you are not familiar with the wipe down method, take a new sponge, soak it in distilled water and then squeeze the water out of it so its damp but not dripping wet. place the sponge on top of a plastic ziploc bag and wait about two days for the humidity to get to 80% and then place the cigars back inside the humidor.

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