Humidors and Humidity Control

Humidors and Humidity Control

Early Humidors

In the early 1800's the humidor was introduced for cigars but at this time they became very popular and had been around earlier than this. If you really cared about your cigars and still wanted them fresh you used this method. Do you need a humidor, we will tell you why you might need one or why you don't. Back in the early days humidors were made from solid wood, nailed together with a hinge and you stored your cigars in the humidor to keep them fresh. In 1887 the first cabinet humidor was developed in South Africa and then became popular all over Europe and some parts of America. Before humidors the cigars were stored in caves and sold dry, different from today most cigar smokers would not even think about smoking a dry cigar.

Types of Humidors

There are many diffrent types of cigar humidors today, the most popular being the desk top which can hold anywhere from ten to thousands of cigars. The outside of the humidor is made from wood of course usually with thick walls to keep the humidity and construction viable to store the cigars properly. The inside of the humidor is usually made if not 100% made from spanish cedar. The spanish cedar keeps the humidity relative to what your cigars need to be stored at in order to get the best smoking experience. There are cabinet humidors which are stand alone usually with some type of sealed door, could be glass to see what cigars are inside or could be solid wood. Another propular humidor is the travel humidor. The travel humidor is usually made from hard plastic with a foam layer on the inside and a built in humidifier for distilled water or solution to keep the cigars at the proper humidity.

Humidity Control

Humidity control with your cigars is the key in storing your cigars, doesnt matter what you store them in, but it has to be air tight. One method and the most recommended by is distilled water. Distilled water is receommended because it is free from harmful bacteria and impurities that create mold. This is why we don't recommend drinking or tap water. There are a lot of companies and lounges that sell propylene glycol or 50/50 solution but we do not recommend this due to the contents of this mixture and it may be more harmful to the smoker. A gallon of distilled water is around seven dollars cheaper than the 50/50 solution and you can re-use it. The other method we recommend is not a solution but a way to keep your cigars humidified in your humidor or travel humidor and that is Humi-Smart. Humi-Smart is the number one two way humidification device that Frontline Cigars backs and is 100% natural. For more information about Humi-Smart you can visit Humi-Smart is a proven method by Frontline Cigars, not only when we send the consumer cigars but we accidentally tested this method and it was outstanding. There were cigars left in a cigar bag with Humi-Smart inside the bag. The cigars were out in the basement not stored in anything but th bag for roughly six months. When we finally realized the cigars were left we immediately tested the cigars with the HumidiMeter and they were reading 67%. So not only does this method work, its the only method Frontline Cigars uses when sending the consumer their cigars.

Is a humidor needed

There are a lot of people in the cigar industry that try to sell you humidors, although there are some that are very fancy and can be very pricey. For a cigar lounge it is imperative to have a humidor because a nice display is a good selling feature. But does the consumer NEED a humidor and our answer is no. You may want to impress your friends when they come over and have something nice but are your friends coming over to look at your humidor or smoke cigars and have a good time. You can spend hundreds if not more on a humidor but what is that going to get you, a nice humidor sure. Ask yourself this, would you rather spend hundreds of dollars on a humidor or cigars. You can't smoke the humidor so why spend the money? Any plastic container with an air tight seal will work depending on how many cigars you have. Lets just say you have a hundred cigars and you want to keep them humidified correctly, all you need is a big enough container or cooler with distilled water inside. so a container will cost roughly 20-30 dollars and a gallon of distilled water or Humi-Smart packs. Humi- smart offers different sized two way humidification devices for your cigars. They have anywhere from four gram which is good for 5 cigars all the way up to 300 gram for 100 cigars. So all the options you have to store your cigars are right here, its just how much you want to spend to keep them controlled. We hope you learned about humidors and humidity control and we thank you for your continued support

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