Police Challenge Coins

Introducing Frontline Challenge Coins

            Challenge coins are Frontline Cigars latest product. Our challenge coins feature the Frontline logo on the front, and a picture of Saint Michael on the back. Challenge coins are small to medium size coins that depict an emblem, demonstrating an individual’s part of an organization. Traditionally, these coins have been used to enhance morale and depict a sense of belonging. While challenge coins are used by various groups, they are commonly held by members of the law enforcement and military communities.

            While there is some debate as to when organizations started using challenge coins, many agree that the origins can be traced back to the Vietnam War, a time in history when many soldiers needed a boost in morale. Yet, challenge coins can also represent an advancement in one’s career. Historically, the military has given soldiers these coins as they progress in their careers. As a result, many challenge coins are specific to the organization (military, law enforcement, etc.) that uses them.

            Frontline Cigars challenge coin features Saint Michael on the back. Saint Michael is known for being the patron Saint protecting law enforcement officers and members of the military. The decision to use Saint Michael on the back of Frontline Cigars challenge coin was based on the Saint’s stance in protecting members of the law enforcement and military communities. While Frontline Cigars is not a religious organization, we respect the different traditions carried by members of the military, police officers and first responders. Thus, in depicting Saint Michael on the back of the coin, we are carrying forth a tradition within these communities.

            An additional benefit of purchasing challenge coins from Frontline Cigars is that a portion of all proceeds go directly to the Help the Heroes Foundation. This non-profit organization is dedicated to help active duty military personnel, veterans, police officers, firefighters, EMT and other members of the first responder communities. Thus, in purchasing a challenge coin from Frontline Cigars, you are showing your support and helping a first responder or military professional that helped or currently helps to keep our country safe. 

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