Where to Buy Deadwood Cigars

Is Deadwood Dead or just M I A?

Is Deadwood Tobacco M I A? Is there a shortage that the cigar community isn't being told, there is a massive shortage according to many of the major wholesale distributors. From the Sweet Jane, Crazy Alice, Fat Bottom Betty and the Leather Rose. It has become very clear that the consumer has a love for these cigars, especially the Fat Bottom Betty which we are currently out of stock just like the other "Yummy Bitches" as they are called. It is our job at Frontline Cigars to keep these in stock for our consumers, but with this shortage and lack of communication with our distributors there is no telling when the Deadwood Cigars will be back in stock. We can assure you we are checking everyday until they are in stock so we can have them for you, that is our goal. So until then, we know its difficult but stay tuned to our Instagram, Facebook and Twitter we will be sure to post as soon as they are back in stock.

Please do not forget to sign up for our new Rewards program for coupons and free stuff. You can find the Rewards info on our main page in the bottom left hand corner just hit the Rewards Icon and sign up. This is something new to Frontline Cigars that we are currently experimenting with so we can give our loyal customers the appreciation they deserve. As always thank you for the continued support and don't forget to check out the NEW IMPROVED Blue Line Cigar made at the same factory as our 91 Rated Defender Cigar. As always, Stay Safe and Stay Smokey!

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