Blue Line Cigar Review

Jamie from Cigar Talk reviews the Blue Line

Blue Line Cigar

Happy January ladies and gentleman! I think my key phrase for this past week has been “I’m freezing!” Winters in Pennsylvania are cold and grey with freezing rain, untreated roads, and multiple snow squalls. So basically, I am not a fan. But what I am a fan of is the Blue Line Cigar by Frontline Cigars. So a little background about Frontline for those who may not know much about this company. Frontline’s main mission is to give back to those who serve in the armed forces. As someone who works directly with Veterans for my full-time job, I was immediately drawn to this. Frontline dedicates 10% of all profits to the Help the Heroes Foundation (non-profit dedicated to helping those who serve). Frontline also actively works with Cigars for Warriors and the Active Heroes Foundation. Please check out their website at to see all of the other amazing things they do in order to help our Veterans.

At first glance of the cigar, the band is striking and really just plain cool. I could honestly see myself getting a tattoo of this design one day. The first draw brings a lot of earthy warm tones with a kick of spice to it. I am wishing at this moment I was drinking warm apple cider as I shiver on my back porch. The spice isn’t too intense, but gives the cigar somewhat of a punch to it. There is a creamy and smooth taste on the retro hale, bringing out more of the earth tones. Towards the halfway point, I am getting a lot more cinnamon flavor, wishing even more that I had some apple cider in my kitchen. But I must say, the cinnamon flavors are balancing well with my French roast coffee I’m drinking currently. I have yet to touch up so far and the construction has been close to perfect. A little past the halfway point, I am still getting cinnamon flavors, but a nice “woodsy” taste as well. I dig this smoke quite a bit, as it has most of the flavors I typically enjoy. Towards the last third I am hit with a strong pepper taste, that literally ends my 1hr 15min smoke time with a BANG! This cigar is a winner in my book.

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