Patina Cigars

Patina Cigars

What is Patina?

The definition of Patina is, "An oxidation process that over time produces a green film over bronze or copper." Patina Cigars hit the market in 2015 after Mo, the owner of Patina Cigars was working as a manager at a Chicago area cigar lounge learning the ins and outs of the cigar business. Mo had told us when he was producing the cigars he was still working at the lounge. It was not until 2017 that Patina Cigars hit the national market. Patina Cigars are currently made in Esteli, Nicaragua American SA , a two hour vacation according to Mo, a cost effective psychiatric session as he explains on their website. Mo wants you to experience a cigar when something good is happening, a celebration of life, goals or achievements. We met Mo many years ago and became friends right away, we have always supported the Patina Cigars brand even before Frontline Cigars was established. Mo first started at the Mombacho factory and then moving on a few years back to American SA in Esteli, Nicaragua. There is speculation as to why Patina Cigars changed factories but out of respect we did not feel it was necessary to search for those answers. 

Patina Cigars 

Anyone that has a passion for cigars, including those that have their own it was his goal to make his cigar better than before. Knowing Mo for such a long time you can tell he is very passionate and committed to giving the consumer a top notch smoking experience. Since then, Patina Cigars have taken off across the United States growing online, with a presence here at until we are no longer in operation. As friends of Mo, we always told him Patina Cigars will always have a spot at no matter what. It's not about what you think about a cigar, how many cigars you have in your inventory, as a business its about helping friends succeed and making the most of your time here on this Earth. 

Patina Cigar Vitolas

The Patina Cigars have three blends, The Connecticut which is offered in four vitolas Rustic, Bronze, Oxidation and Atrifact giving you each size in what defines the word Patina. The Habano offered in the Rustic, Copper Bronze and Oxidation. Finally The Maduro, offered in Rustic and Oxidation only. The vitolas as stated are described in the definition of Patina and are broken down for cigar smokers to recognize Rustic or Robusto (5x52), Copper or Corona (6x46), Bronze or Toro (6x52), Oxidation or Toro Gordo (6x56)and finally the Artifact or Churchill (7x49). 

Patina Cigar Blends

The Connecticut blend of Patina Cigars seeks to change the way you feel about most Connecticut blends, very bland or one dimensional. This cigar will give you a kick unlike most Connecticut cigars on the market. The Patina Cigars Connecticut uses an Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper, Nicaraguan/Pennsylvanian binder and fillers. The Patina Cigars Habano delivers a nice spice accompanied by a smooth smoke, compared to higher end cigars at a much higher cost. The Patina Cigars Habano is made up of an Ecuadorian Habano wrapper, with Nicaraguan/Pennsylvanian binder and fillers. This cigar has earned a 94 rating from the Cigar Authority. Lastly is the Patina Cigars Maduro offers the same expectations of a maduro cigar with a lovely mix of balance, flavor and strength. The components of the cigar are not disclosed but has received a 90 rating from Halfwheel.

How can I purchase Patina Cigars?

So if you like what you have read about the Patina Cigars and want to try the Connecticut or Habano you can find them here on our site. If you are interested in purchasing a box of 16 you can contact us 630-381-0987 or email us Thank you for reading this and supporting Frontline Cigars. 

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